When the Israelites cried out to God, He raised up Moses to bring them out of slavery and into the Promised Land.
But the people rebelled and suffered the terrible consequence of wandering in a wilderness.

Are you following the Lord to the place He wants you to be?



Preparation   Spine (MS Publisher)
Keyword Bookmark
Journal: Lessons for Life
Cartoon: "Give Us Something Relevant!"

Lesson One                     (1-11)
The God of Order

Twelve Tribes
Priestly Blessing (MS Publisher)
Priestly Blessing (MS Word)
4 banners
Photo: Satellite View of Wilderness
(Kay Notes): Worshiping God the Proper Way

Lesson Two                    (11-14)
Consequences of Murmuring
  MAP: Journey of the Spies
(Kay Notes): Heroes Following God Fully

Lesson Three                 (15-17)
Korah's Rebellion
(Kay Notes):How Does One Become Holy?

Lesson Four                    (18-20)
Moses' Disobedience

Photo: Red Heifer
(Kay Notes):God's Picture of Grace to Come

Lesson Five                     (21-25)
Balaam:Pretending to Believe
  (Kay Notes): Blessing of Being God's People

Lesson Six                       (26-31)
Preparing the New Generation

Numbers of Israel
(Kay Notes): What's Missing from our Journey with God?

Lesson Seven                 (32-36)

Review: Where We Have Walked
Wandering: 38 Year Gap
MAP: Cities of Refuge
MAP: Borders of the Promised Land
Music: Find Us Faithful
(Kay Notes): Lessons from the Past for the Future


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