Kinsman Redeemer

Feel like you are alone?
When life seems unjust...
KNOW you have a Defender, Avenger.
your Kinsman Redeemer.


Preparation   Spine Labels (MSPublisher)
Key Word Bookmark
Lesson Plan (7 week)

Lesson One

The Setting of Ruth

Understanding "Redeemer"

Promise of  "Redemption"



1-A  Cousins in the Middle East

1-A  RUTH  Overview

1-B  Definitions of Hebrew Words
1-B  Research the Meaning of a Word

1-C  Family Tree of Ruth
1-C  RUTH At-A-Glance

(Kay): Darkness, Followed by Light

Lesson Two





2-A  OT Laws of Redemption
2-A  Feasts of Israel
2-A  SONG-Jubilee

2-B   NT Redemption
2-B  Crucifixion
2-B  HYMN-Redeemed, My Redeemer
(Kay): Belonging to a Kinsman-Redeemer

Lesson Three

Redemption- 2nd Coming

Blood Avenger
(OT & NT)



3-A  Final Redemption
3-A  Why Christians Should Study Prophecy
3-A Those Who Dwell on the Earth

3-B  Blood Avenger
3-B  Cities of Refuge
3-B  MAP-Highway of Holiness
(Kay): A Blood-Avenger


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